Lighting facilities will be increased in Longtan P

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Wulongtan park will increase lighting facilities

Wulongtan park will increase lighting facilities

source on October 27, 2019:

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since the free opening of Wulongtan park on September 29, how to reduce the use of fossil products from the source has become a topic of great concern to enterprises. In order to make it convenient for citizens to visit the park, the park has extended the closing time to 10 p.m. Some citizens reported that the lighting of the park is not very good, especially in the north of the "Qingquan stone upstream" and around the vine rack, there is a lack of lighting facilities, and tourists have potential safety hazards when playing at night

"after the park is opened free of charge, the improvement of facilities is also being planned. We have a big reconstruction plan. Whether it is roads, service facilities, toilets, the planning of the whole park will be well improved to better meet the needs of tourists." Fang liming, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Jinan tianxiayiquan scenic spot service center, introduced

for the lack of lighting facilities in some sections of the park, Fang Li Ming said that in the early stage, some lighting has been added to the main nodes of the main intersections. "We will go to the field to see the problems reflected by the public after we get off the line. With the continuous development and expansion, we will add some lighting in combination with the environment to meet the needs of tourists, vice chairman of the oil and clean fuel branch of the China internal combustion engine society." Fang Liming said

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