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Tianyi machine: a pioneer in machine tool remanufacture recently, the pilot work of remanufacture of mechanical and electrical products organized by the Ministry of industry and information technology has been launched, including the remanufacture of machine tools. Jinyi, director of Tianjin No. 1 Machine Tool General Factory, applauded the pilot work in an interview with China industry daily. This is because, as the pioneer of China's machine tool remanufacture, Tianyi machine has drawn its own conclusion from the successful practice of the past decade: China's machine tool remanufacture has great prospects

the direction is completely correct

Jin Yi believes that supporting, encouraging and promoting the remanufacture of machine tools is not only a general trend, but also imperative. As pointed out in the notice of the Ministry of industry and information technology on improving the conversion rate of new material technology achievements and organizing the pilot work of remanufacture of mechanical and electrical products, "Remanufacturing is a major measure for China to sell 600 tons of low-temperature water-soluble vinylon in that year; SVW's successful replacement of imported products from kololi, Japan, is an important measure to accelerate the development of circular economy, build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and is also conducive to promoting employment and expanding foreign trade". Jinyi told that Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in machine tool remanufacturing for many years, which fully illustrates this point

as early as the beginning of 2000, Tianyi started the remanufacture project of machine tools, focusing on the numerical control transformation of mechanical transmission old gear machine tools. So far, 36 sets have been successfully transformed, including 8 imported gear machines and 28 original gear milling machines. From the effect of numerical control transformation, it not only greatly improves the grade, accuracy, speed and stability of the machine tool, and fully meets the performance indicators of new similar numerical control machine tools, but also reduces costs by 50%, saves energy by 60%, and saves materials by 70%. The price that users pay for the remanufacture of machine tools is only 1/4 of that of new CNC machine tools of the same kind and function. In other words, using advanced information technology to transform backward mechanical transmission machine tools can fully achieve the purpose of improving quality, improving precision, saving energy, reducing consumption and increasing efficiency

nowadays, machine tool remanufacturing has become an emerging industry in the United States, Japan, Germany and other industrialized countries. Jinyi told that the well-known gear machine tool manufacturers in the world pay special attention to the remanufacture of old machine tools in stock. Although Gleason has launched two generations of fully numerical control "phoenix" series gear milling machines, it still vigorously carries out the numerical control remanufacture of the original mechanical transmission spiral tooth milling machines, and has formed a new remanufacture technology product. Another example is Liebherr. While developing multi axis CNC gear shapers, Liebherr also continues to use modern technology to expand the CNC transformation of the original mechanical transmission machine tools, and reaps a new market. This also shows from another side that it is a completely correct direction for China's machine tool manufacturing industry to accelerate the transformation to machine tool manufacturing service industry and embark on the road of machine tool remanufacture as soon as possible

huge market potential

machine tool remanufacture is not only the numerical control transformation of old mechanical transmission machine tools, but also includes machine tool overhaul, personalized transformation and software system update of numerical control machine tools. Jinyi pointed out that about 70% of any machine tool introduced to the market is inherited, and only about 30% is newly added. According to this ratio, most of the old machine tools have reuse value. This will undoubtedly bring broad market space for machine tool remanufacture

Jin Yi calculated that China currently has more than 5million machine tools, and the NC rate is about 8% ~ 10%. If the numerical control rate reaches 15% ~ 20% of that of advanced countries in the world such as the United States, Japan and Germany during the "12th Five Year Plan", 680000 transmission type machine tools are required to be transformed into numerical control. China's gear manufacturing industry now has 500000 various types of machine tools, 67000 mechanical transmission machine tools need to be transformed into new numerical control machine tools through numerical control transformation. As for the more than 3000 bevel gear processing machines in China, more than 270 of them will need to be numerically controlled. Press the mechanical zero button to reset the angle value to zero, so as to reach the current numerical control rate level of the world's advanced countries. Coupled with gear shapers, auxiliary machines and other matching machine tools, the market for numerical control transformation will be even larger. This is a conservative estimate. In fact, the focus type machine tools of mechanical transmission plastic packaging material enterprises with more than 15 ~ 30 years of service can be included in the scope of numerical control transformation. In particular, a large number of low-level and low-efficiency machine tools manufactured in the 1970s ~ 1980s are far from meeting the processing needs of China's automobile and other industries, so it is urgent to carry out large-scale numerical control transformation. Even in recent years, 70% ~ 80% of the CNC machine tools manufactured in China are economically popular, which also reserves a huge space for the upgrading and updating of the CNC system in the future

in Jinyi's opinion, there are two other very important factors why the remanufacture of machine tools has a huge potential market. First, the purchase of new CNC machine tools can range from hundreds of thousands of yuan to tens of millions of yuan. For most small and medium-sized machining enterprises, it is inevitable that they will be short of money. Therefore, these potential users hope to remanufacture machine tools with small investment, short cycle and quick effect. Second, the supporting and encouraging policies issued by the state in succession will become the propeller of machine tool remanufacture. It can be predicted that in the next few years, the emerging industry of machine tool remanufacture will show a trend of vigorous development

level is crucial

remanufacture of old machine tools with low technology content, low added value, weak complete set capacity, backward design level and poor reliability should not be simply dismantled, modified and repaired, but should follow the four principles of designability and realizability, inherited innovation, one-time maturity of the process and rapid formation of large-scale products, so as to promote the industrialization of common technologies Breakthroughs in key technologies and forward-looking technologies. According to Jin Yi, it is to transform the remanufacture of machine tools into the remanufacture of machine tools. Only in this way can remanufactured machine tools be endowed with high-end, high-tech and high-quality connotation, and highlight their characteristics of high speed, high efficiency and high precision

this is not a mission that any enterprise can undertake. Jinyi frankly said that Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. took the lead in launching the remanufacture project of gear machine tools in the domestic industry and achieved success, relying on its own strength. On the one hand, Tianyi Machinery Co., Ltd. is the only enterprise in China to develop complete sets of spiral bevel gear processing equipment. It is one of the three giants in the development of spiral bevel gear milling machines in the world and one of the three "Chinese famous brands" of Chinese gear machine tools. Over the past 50 years, it has successively provided more than 20000 spiral bevel gear milling machines and auxiliary machine tools for "equipping China", mastered the core technology from mechanical transmission machine tools to CNC machine tools, always led the R & D direction of China's complete spiral bevel gear processing equipment, and has the representativeness of the industry and the basic conditions for remanufacturing. In particular, after nearly a decade of machine tool remanufacturing practice, major breakthroughs have been made in the multi axis linkage spiral bevel gear surface forming principle and motion control, the comprehensive inspection technology for the meshing quality of the whole tooth surface, and the active design method and technology of high-precision machine tools, and then a gear machine tool with independent intellectual property rights has been formed, especially the remanufacturing technology and remanufactured products of spiral bevel gear milling machines

relying on its existing advantages, Tianyi machine is starting to establish a machine tool remanufacture R & D platform and a machine tool remanufacture base with gear machine tools as the main body. Jin Yi disclosed that on this basis, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, Tianyi machine will strive to achieve a remanufactured output value of 250million yuan

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