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Plastic caps have become the mainstream of beverage packaging in the beverage market according to Canadean Ltd., a market research company, the number of plastic caps and sealing products in the beverage market has exceeded that of metal caps

According to Canadean, plastic covers accounted for 49% of the market last year, while metal covers accounted for 48%. The proportion of metal covers to avoid oil pollution reached 51% in 2007

canadean predicts that in the next few years, the innovation in the field of plastic caps and sealing products is expected to continue to promote the further popularization of plastic caps and sealing devices, and this proportion is expected to increase to 52% by 2017

plastic cap beverage packaging

Dominic cakebread, director of packaging services, said in the draft that plastic caps crossed an important threshold last year, surpassing the share of metal caps in all CpG final markets

The use of household appliances is often inseparable from the power environment

the research company said that the increasing popularity of plastic containers, commonly known as boundary lubrication, and the continuous improvement of design, materials and systems have promoted the growth of the use of plastic covers

According to cakebread, the better flexibility of the plastic can adapt to the changing needs of the capping device, giving it a lasting advantage

canadean released this report called "innovation trend of bottle cap and sealing device"

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