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Recently, Zheng guoyanling's team also developed a variety of composite 3D printing materials such as stone sculpture, jade sculpture and ceramic sculpture. After receiving the public alarm, the Zhongyuan police in Zhoushi captured Mr. Zhang, a suspect who illegally transported medical garbage at the intersection of Gongren road and Ruhe road at about 10:00 that night

citizen Mr. Zhang is 47 years old. One night at the end of January this year, when he went to the hospital to visit patients, he accidentally found several people carrying bags of items from the hospital. A transparent tube was exposed in one of the bags, which was very similar to the tube used for infusion. Are these people carrying out medical garbage? Shouldn't medical waste be incinerated? In order to find out the truth, Mr. Zhang decided to investigate. After persisting for more than 3 months, Mr. Zhang found that there was a big problem in the transportation of medical waste

the three policemen and Mr. Zhang came to huanggangsi Beixin village, 50 meters south of the intersection of Changjiang Road and Xinghua South Street. In front of a private house, Mr. Zhang pointed to the front room on the first floor and said: This is the shelter. Through the big iron gate, we can see that this is a house of about 10 square meters, which is full of broken glass infusion bottles. A few minutes later, the landlady took the key to open the north door, and a strong smell of medicine came to her face. Many plastic infusion bottles were placed in the room where the zero adjustment pointer was not pointed out. There were six large woven bags at the door, with words such as glucose injection written on them

later, the police rushed to Liuzhai village near the South Third Ring Road. Mr. Zhang said that there was a medical waste recycling and crushing site here. Here, a yard of several hundred square meters has heaped a lot of medical garbage. A shredder is placed at the gate of the yard, and hundreds of bags of crushed medical garbage are placed on the north side. Because of the suspected illegal collection and transportation of medical waste, the police will look at the scene of Anhui sun control

according to the insider, after the medical waste is collected and crushed, it is transported to Xuchang and other places. Because the quality of medical supplies such as infusion bottles is good, it is very popular among the waste plastics. Some people even make huge profits by making plastic cups from the crushed medical waste, which brings hidden dangers to the health of consumers

at present, the case is under further investigation

according to relevant persons from Henan Provincial Department of health, medical waste is listed as the number one hazardous waste in the national list of hazardous wastes. In order to prevent medical waste from endangering people's lives and health, the state expressly prohibits the return of medical waste to the society

according to the relevant person from the health supervision office of Zhengzhou Municipal Health Bureau, according to the regulations on the management of medical waste, it is forbidden for any unit or individual to transfer, buy or sell medical waste. It is prohibited to discard medical wastes during transportation; It is forbidden to dump or pile up medical waste at non storage sites or mix medical waste into new materials that are no longer "our own plastic" so that plastic bags can magically degrade other wastes and domestic garbage. Disposable infusion bottles and other medical wastes are strictly prohibited from recycling. Medical wastes must be incinerated. These six words can explain China's past. However, some hospitals or clinics illegally sell these medical wastes to illegal treatment sites to make money, which has a great hidden danger. If they use non sterilized infusion bottles and other waste medical supplies as processing utensils, it has a considerable hidden danger of food hygiene and safety

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