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BHS: pioneer of the invention of the double horizontal shaft mixer, star of the mixing and crushing technology

bhs: pioneer of the invention of the double horizontal shaft mixer, star of the mixing and crushing technology

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bhs is headquartered in Bavaria, southwest Germany, at the border between Germany and Austria and Switzerland, with picturesque scenery and pleasant climate

BHS sansohofen company (BHS company for short) was founded in 1563 A.D. and has a history of more than 400 years. BHS company was first engaged in iron ore mining. In the early 17th century, to ensure the stability of process conditions, BHS began to engage in iron making by using the energy difference before and after the pendulum impact sample to confirm the toughness or brittleness of the sample and the iron manufacturing industry

since 1888, the company began to manufacture construction machinery and equipment, and the world's first double horizontal shaft concrete mixer was born in this year. Since then, BHS has been divided into two specialized subsidiaries, one specialized in the manufacturing of construction machinery and equipment, and the other in the research and manufacturing of filtration and separation technology and equipment

With hundreds of years of manufacturing experience and process technology, BHS has now taken the lead in the world in terms of cement concrete mixing technology and equipment, stone crushing and sand making technology and equipment, and has become a recognized brand product in the world. Its many patented technologies have been praised and used by other manufacturers and users

in recent years, BHS has provided thousands of concrete mixing machines and building station equipment to users all over the world. We can provide users with mixing equipment of different specifications and forms, such as fully mobile, semi mobile and fixed concrete mixing plants, for various fields of highway, railway, dam, airport and building construction

at present, many concrete mixing equipment manufacturers all over the world choose and use BHS mixing machine. Today, we have won the trust and respect of more and more users in the world with our rich experience, exquisite technology and excellent service. BHS logo has become a symbol of "quality and reputation" in the international concrete industry

in order to adapt to the development of the Chinese market, BHS set up a wholly-owned factory in Tianjin Development Zone, China in 2001, so as to better provide convenient services, appropriate prices, the best products and spare parts to Chinese users

bhs: the star who invented the double horizontal shaft mixer and allegedly led the mixing and crushing technology.

at present, the BHS concrete mixing plant/mixer is the world's largest (double horizontal shaft host):

the world's first manufacturer who invented and manufactured the double horizontal shaft concrete mixer

the world's largest fixed single unit mixing plant: the mixing machine dkx 7.0, with an output of 320 m3/h, was officially used in the Seoul International Airport Project in Korea in 1998

the world's largest fully mobile single unit mixing plant: the output is 300 m3/h, which is used in German highway projects

the world's largest double horizontal shaft mixing machine: the concrete mixing output is 9 cubic meters, which is used in the United States

the world's largest continuous RCC mixing plant: many production enterprises have not been able to skillfully apply the impact testing machine after purchasing it. Its capacity is 1200 tons/hour, which is used in Thailand

the world's largest two unit mixer 2 x dkx 7.0 is operated in Guangxi Longtan Hydropower Station, China. (this article is from BHS)

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