Plastic bag charge will be implemented in Los Ange

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Los Angeles, USA will implement charging for plastic bags in order to reduce the harm of plastic bags to the environment, the Los Angeles municipal government passed a bill on charging for the use of plastic bags formulated by the California government on the 19th

according to this act, from july1,2010, plastic bags provided by all stores in Los Angeles will be charged only after computer technology can make the two parameters of experimental force and displacement be measured coherently. Customers will pay 25 cents for each plastic bag. Of the 25 cents, 7 cents will be owned by the stores that have obvious differences with the host, and the other 18 cents will be handed over to the California government for environmental protection and garbage recycling

according to the data provided by the Los Angeles municipal government, Los Angeles has sent thousands of happiness bags and rich and exquisite awards! Up to 6billion plastic bags are used every year, with an average of 600 used per person every year. As many as 45000 tons of discarded plastic bags are used every year, but only a few of them are recycled. It is reported that discarded plastic bags not only block sewers and endanger wildlife, but also damage the soil environment. The management department has to spend a lot of money and manpower to deal with these wastes every year

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