Pingxiang postal administration accelerates the de

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Pingxiang postal administration accelerates the development of "digital village"

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recently, Pingxiang Postal Administration held a "digital village" work promotion meeting to speed up the digital transformation and upgrading of the city's express service, comprehensively build a rural smart express logistics network, and enhance the revitalization of Pingxiang countryside. Up to now, the city has built 347 village mail Tesco sites, put in 78 groups of intelligent letter boxes and 4212 counters, equipped with 23 new energy vehicles and more than 400 updated delivery tricycles. Many polyurethane and phenolic units have participated in the renovation of old residential areas in Beijing, effectively accelerating the development of "Digital village"

upgrade the village mail Tesco site. The Bureau deepens the introduction of e-commerce into rural areas and accelerates the construction of "Internet + +" agricultural products out of villages and into cities. We can rearrange one support according to the design requirements;, Promote the mode of "village post station + Express supermarket + e-commerce service + convenience service", and spend a lot of money to create characteristic agricultural products such as lotus blood duck, Zhuo honey pear, Huangsha snow lotus fruit, Shangli old moon cake, Changping vermicelli, Xiangdong "old expression" rapeseed oil, Luxi Huayun skin tofu, Changfeng honey, etc. to go out of the village and into the city, so as to smooth the channel of agricultural products into the city. Promote green transportation, storage and distribution. Encourage postal express enterprises to promote green transportation, green warehousing and green distribution, and realize the replacement of green materials for rural mail, express packaging and fillings; Encourage postal express enterprises to speed up the construction of smart logistics and cold chain logistics lines, and strengthen the construction of agricultural products processing, packaging, cold chain, warehousing and other facilities; Encourage postal express enterprises to speed up the popularization of rural post as an important pawn and express point for the group to layout the East China market in less than five years, and speed up the construction of county, township and village postal express intelligent distribution system. Lay out a comprehensive service platform. In accordance with the construction requirements of "Pratt & Whitney post", guide all express enterprises to promote intelligent express box delivery; Guide the transformation of traditional mail boxes, and promote the integration and intelligence of universal postal service and express service; Guide express enterprises to carry out delivery service cooperation, build an integrated service platform at the end of express, and carry out joint receipt and delivery that can be predicted; Promote the effective organization and overall utilization of express terminal distribution and service resources, guide postal express enterprises, e-commerce enterprises to cooperate with chain commercial institutions, convenience stores and property service enterprises, and provide customers with diversified and personalized services such as intensive distribution and store booking

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