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Usctar unified communication system planning and function description

provides an instant messaging system covering the whole company, adopts centralized deployment, and supports more than 5000 users and 3000 concurrent users. It provides an instant messaging system with comprehensive functions, easy deployment, easy management, easy use and easy expansion focusing on the automotive industry

2. Enterprise IP video conference system (soft video conference)

at present, the company has purchased hardware video conferencing, but the covered population has section steel, which should be inspected and accepted by batch. IP video conferencing can cover a wider range of people with high cost performance. And it is closely integrated with the instant messaging system, making it easier to use

3. System integration

including integration with office and management systems, as well as with email, SMS, VOIP systems and fax systems. The integration content mainly includes single sign on, user data (organizational structure) synchronization, unified messaging/status, etc

4. Secondary development and function expansion

during and after the deployment of the system, appropriate secondary development needs to be made according to specific requirements for appropriate function expansion, such as extending video plug-ins

ucstar unified communication platform system description

this system integrates instant messaging, audio and video conferencing, VoIP, fax, SMS, email and other communication means, and is closely integrated with the user's daily workflow. It sends a signal to control the movement of the actuator from the workstation to form a unified system to help these rapidly growing industrial industries improve efficiency and productivity Improve the platform for profit margin communication and unified office

system function definition

mainly includes the following functions:

1 Enterprise instant messaging

it is a manageable, controllable and extensible instant messaging function for enterprises. The main functions include enterprise address book (organizational structure), working group, point-to-point IM, multi person im (group chat), text conference and various necessary communication management functions

2. Enterprise IP video conferencing

IP based soft video implementation. The main functions include audio and video conference, conference management, electronic whiteboard, document sharing, application sharing, web browsing sharing, etc

3. Workflow integration function

includes single sign on support, organization structure synchronization support (LDAP, ad, etc.), message sending/mass sending support (unified messaging function support) and interface integration

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