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Pinnacle of the United States aims at the Asian automotive power market

before contacting Pinnacle engine of the United States, it has interviewed two American companies producing two-stroke engines in China and the United States, Achates power of the United States and eco motors of the United States. Different from the above two companies which mainly produce two-stroke diesel engines at present, pinna cle's engine is a four stroke engine with opposed pistons. Each two pistons share a cylinder barrel, which greatly simplifies the engine structure and can be combined into multiple groups of opposed pistons

mr. Ron Hoge, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of pinnacle engine company, told that Pinnacle engine essentially improved the structure of traditional engine and redefined the concept of internal combustion engine. Indeed, according to the data obtained from the test engine provided by pinnacle, the biggest feature of this engine is that it can increase the compression ratio to 15:1, improve the fuel efficiency by 30% ~ 50% compared with the traditional engine, and reduce the emissions by 35%, while the cost is almost unchanged

from the perspective of the company's development history, this company, founded in 2008, is located in Silicon Valley, California, USA, and has received the support of many investment institutions in the United States, including NEA. In 2007, the famous Ricardo company helped complete the feasibility analysis of the opposed four stroke engine, and completed the performance verification with FEV company in 2011

unique cylinder and valve combination, advanced cleeves cycle operation (the cycle was invented by and named after Krieger, the company's technical director), and the perfect integration of auto cycle. Similar to the weight of traditional engines, Pinnacle engines have unique advantages in variability and flexibility. It can easily change engine size, valve timing and other parameters. Technically, it can realize the production and combination of multi cylinder engines. There is no difference between Pinnacle engines and traditional engines in technology. It reflects the value proposition of Pinnacle company, which combines the lowest cost with the highest fuel economy

talking about the differences with several two-stroke engines in the United States, James eeves, founder, President and technical director of pinnacle engine company, believes that the existing two-stroke engines in the United States are mainly diesel engines. They pay more attention to large models such as commercial vehicles, and need to be equipped with additional pumps and a lot of post-treatment measures; The four stroke structure of pinnacle engine determines that it can be applied to a wider range from small to large. At present, it is more focused on small and medium-sized models, which is different from the end-user target market of two-stroke engine

interestingly, Pinnacle engine company itself is located in Silicon Valley, a famous electronic technology invention and component producer in the United States. Its founder, President and technical director was originally an electronic engineer. He has spent 30 years in the semiconductor industry, but has always been very interested in engines and engine efficiency. Hongrong, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of pinnacle engine company, is from Cummins engine company. When he was at Cummins, he was a King Kong figure. He once led enterprises on three continents and experienced many challenges, such as the establishment, development, restructuring and joint formation of the Department and some other fillers. Hong Rong said that although Pinnacle engine company is located in Silicon Valley, most of its employees have the background of engine and automobile companies, which is no less professional than other engine companies in the United States

from the perspective of commercial promotion process, Pinnacle engine company has signed an overall modest joint development and license agreement with a large motorcycle enterprise in Asia. The first Pinnacle engine in a real commercial sense will be launched in 2013. Hong Rong introduced that Pinnacle engine is suitable for various purposes from motorcycle engine to large commercial vehicle engine, and can take into account gasoline, diesel and other fuels, as well as various means of adding traditional engines such as turbocharging

at present, Pinnacle engine has been preliminarily verified, and various tests including durability have reached more than 1000 hours. Its small displacement model is especially suitable for two wheel and three wheel models. From the perspective of pinnacle engine company's business promotion plan: it signed a contract with motorcycle OEMs in 2013, carried out automobile prototype test in 2014, signed a contract with automobile OEMs in 2015, and launched the commercial model of automobile in 2016... The characteristics of gasoline engine and motorcycle engine are obvious. At present, the revolutionary engine structure and simple solution of pinnacle engine are especially suitable for two wheeled motorcycles; Completion of installation in the long run, Pinnacle engine can improve fuel efficiency by 30%~50% and its cost characteristics comparable to traditional internal combustion engine determine that it may be one of the models to meet the global energy-saving transportation requirements in the future

recently, Hong Rong came to China with many members of Krieger and pinnacle engine company's team. Their main promotion target is Asia, and they most value the Chinese market. For pinnacle, Asia has the world's largest market for two wheeled, three wheeled and light commercial vehicles that are more suitable for their models

Hong Rong believes that, as the traditional internal combustion engine technology and production in the markets of developed countries such as Europe and the United States have been very mature and perfect, Pinnacle this innovative technology is more suitable for emerging market countries such as China, India and Brazil. He hopes that Chinese entrepreneurs with unique vision will be interested in Pinnacle engines, including investment, technical cooperation, license production, etc, Pinnacle aims to achieve its commercial production in the shortest possible time as planned. If it can be verified in the market, this innovative structure outside the mainstream engine design may become a new mainstream in the world

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