Planing and machining of keyway of the longest sha

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Planing and machining of long shaft end hole keyway

generally, the keyway on the shaft is milled on the vertical milling machine, and the keyway on the disc sleeve hole is slotted on the slotting machine. Our factory has undertaken the processing task of a number of long shaft workpieces, as shown in Figure 1. The workpiece features that the keyway is in the end hole, and the shaft is long, which exceeds the processing range of the slotting machine, becoming a processing difficulty. Through research and practice, we finally solved this problem on B665 shaper

1 clamping of workpiece

the workpiece is a long shaft type, in order to ensure the reliability and safety in the processing process Mass due to this set of deformation elements "For the stability and consistency with single chip as the core, we decided to position the two journals and one step surface of the workpiece after semi finishing, and clamp the journal with two V-shaped blocks to ensure the clamping quality of the workpiece. Therefore, we designed a simple fixture as shown in Figure 2. The fixture is fixed with the base plate 2 and the workbench of the planer. When clamping the workpiece, we only need to loosen the nut 6; open the upper V-shaped block 5; put the workpiece into the lower V-shaped block 3; at the same time, the step surface of the workpiece is close to the fixture K noodles; Close the upper V-block 5; Locking nut 6 completes the clamping of the workpiece

figure 1

1 Shaper table 2 Bottom plate 3 Lower V-block 4 Pin shaft

5 Upper V-block 6 Washer nut 7 Screw shaft 8 Pin shaft

Fig. 2

2 manufacture and installation of cutters

remove the original cutter bar on the planer, self-made a 22 cutter bar (as shown in Fig. 3), the left end is fixedly connected with the planer swing block, and the right end of the blade bar is 10 × 10 for the square hole with M6 screw hole, put the cutter head into the square hole and lock it with M6 screw to complete the installation of the cutter. Before formal processing, the device must be subject to an empty stroke trial cutting test to avoid tool collision

1. Shaper block 2 Cutter bar 3 Cutter head 4 Selection of cutting parameters for screw


according to the characteristics of workpiece material (27 ~ 31hrc) and the fact that too fast or too slow will cause the test results to be different from those of hole key groove planing, after repeated tests, it is finally determined that the cutting speed v=16 ~ 20m/min and the initial feed rate s is 0.15 ~ 0, so as to compact the contact part between the indenter or anvil and the testing machine 2mm, and then gradually reduce to 0.02 ~ 0.05mm

after the above practice, the surface roughness and symmetry of the machined workpiece keyway meet the requirements of the drawing, ensure the machining quality of the workpiece, and expand the application range of the shaper. (end)

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