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Plain packaging of cigarettes may be detrimental to normal trade activities

according to the news from American tobacco, in the 1990s, Canadian cigarettes were increasingly valued by countries all over the world, and the grass industry made use of the provisions on intellectual property protection in the North American Free Trade Agreement, which made the government unable to obtain the relevant measures to implement plain packaging of cigarette products for glass. Therefore, some experts pointed out that whether international trade agreements have also protected the existing packaging of tobacco products from another aspect has involved the legal level

with regard to the debate on the plain packaging of tobacco products to the global food consumption rate, relevant experts believe that in international trade, if the cigarette products are plain packaging, but there is no manufacturer, but we find the label when we test the resin separately, it will cause disputes over intellectual property rights. For example, the agreement on intellectual property rights in international trade stipulates that commodity trademarks cannot be used in international trade without reason. If there is no legal trademark, the trade agreement signed by both parties will be terminated

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