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On September 19, Sina home video live broadcast program specially planned "ten years of ten people". In this issue, guests invited Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan home, to share his past ten years and feelings in the home industry, as well as his expectations for the next ten years

Abstract: in the past decade, China's home furnishing industry has undergone the greatest changes since the birth of this industry. In the tide of change, countless people with dreams and ambitions, under the influence of the tide, have gone through peaks and valleys, and experienced complacency and loneliness. In the ebb and flow of tides, this industry has taken on a new look

professional and dedicated, Kefan home makes its own brand

on September 19, Sina home video live broadcast program specially planned "ten years of ten people". In this issue, guests invited Lin Tao, chairman of Kefan home, to share his past ten years and regrets in the home industry, as well as his expectations for the next ten years

at the beginning of the live broadcast, "celebrity" Lin Tao arrived. He is an entrepreneur with designer feelings, wandering between feelings and business, constantly looking for the best balance. Speaking of before he started his business, he was a designer. After he started his business to make customized furniture, he still insisted that products should pay equal attention to function and aesthetics. Kefan is the first enterprise to propose "customized home furnishing". In recent years, "customization" as an attribute distinguishes the customized home furnishing industry from furniture, seizes the potential needs of customers, and achieves rapid development. After nearly 10 years of trials and tribulations, Kefan has enjoyed high popularity and reputation in the industry. FanMei's design and high-quality products have created a good reputation. Kefan's products "nine thicknesses and one non" are popular with customers. He believes that making customized enterprises is a long-distance race, which requires large-scale and data-based investment

looking forward to the next ten years, President Lin said, "China will become the customized capital of furniture."

Meng Hui, editor in chief of sina home South China, and Lin Tao, President of Kefan home

went into Kefan 4.0 smart factory to decode the secret of customized home

Sina home live broadcast team followed Mr. liaoshiquan, vice president of Kefan home, into Kefan 4.0 smart factory, and showed the most real, direct and three-dimensional corporate image to consumers by entering the factory

according to general manager Liao, Kefan 4.0 smart factory will invest tens of millions of yuan to update its production equipment, implement the whole process information management, and comprehensively introduce imported production equipment such as bias and Haomai, so as to improve the flexible production capacity and meet the needs of personalized customization

interview with liaoshiquan, vice president of Kefan household.

the new production workshop is spacious, bright and clean, providing a good working environment for Kefan people. It is worth mentioning that Kefan is integrating resources in production and supporting aspects in an all-round way, such as the construction of internal cloud system ERP, in-depth cooperation of excellent logistics system, etc., so that the slogan of "customize to find Kefan, don't bother to live in a new house" can be embodied in practical actions, and customization can fly into the homes of ordinary people

Kefan new factory is not only the base of intelligent manufacturing, but also the core position of cutting-edge institutions such as the Asian Institute of human living habits, visual factory and cloud design, and it is also the landing platform of Oh o2o business model. Kefan opened the development mode of front store and back factory, with a layout of 4000 square meters of O store, providing various style space displays, and providing a multi platform, multi-channel, all-round and three-dimensional drainage platform for o2o's business strategy development

uncover the iron blood culture of Kefan home: the team is "executive power"

chenjianqing, vice president of Kefan home, shared with sina home live the development history of Kefan and his personal development in Kefan. Speaking of the experience of leading a marketing team, Kefan attaches great importance to the cultivation and building of a marketing team. In 2014, cofan set up a business school to constantly summarize the sales skills and business models of national excellent franchised stores through tutors, and carry out continuous training for dealers to copy cofan's profit model to franchised stores across the country. This year, Kefan launched the five-star plan project of terminal store. Through the summary of successful promotion experience, marketing personnel came to the store to carry out all-round marketing training, so as to realize the profit turnover of the store, which has become the secret of winning the market. Every year, Kefan pays a lot of money to hire industry marketing masters to give lectures to dealers, monitor market trends, and make progress with dealers

interview with chenjianqing, vice president of Kefan household.

talking about the company's internal "happy marketing" corporate culture, it also runs through the implementation of enterprise morning meetings, monthly meetings and so on. The morning meeting will be presided over by the managers of all departments in turn, with Kefan's unique way of greeting, full participation and free sharing. The sharing content involves work, life, interesting things, etc. Colleagues get insights and Enlightenment from sharing, and welcome the new day with a good mental state. The monthly meeting integrates into the corporate culture with passion dance, team style display and team games, and enlightens and inspires everyone in various innovative ways, so as to ensure the passion and vitality of the whole marketing team. The company is encouraging the "first" with rich bonuses and cultivating the "wolf" marketing spirit. President Chen said that integrating the corporate culture of "happy marketing" into the strategic operation of the long-term development of enterprises will undoubtedly give consumers a feeling and a symbol of spirit. At the same time, corporate culture, as the power source to promote the company's development, makes Kefan home move forward to a higher level

enjoy the Aite prize ・ best business space - Kefan home Wanda store thinking hall

on the afternoon of that day, Sina home broadcast team came to Nanhai Wanda Kefan experience store. Liu Jiulong, the manager of Kefan's product research and development department, said that the designer made it jump out of the traditional sales hall through the unique facade design. In line with the design concept of "internal Oriental, international modern", with Chinese classical elements combined with modern design language, create a different thinking hall. After entering the exhibition hall, Sina home live broadcast team showed the fashionable cloakroom of Kefan home design. The matching of yellow rubber and black baking paint and the collision design showed the clean atmosphere and U-shaped structure, reflecting Kefan's super closing ability

interview with product R & D Manager liujiulong

it is reported that the entry of the flagship store [Kefan thought hall] stood out and successfully won the AIT award and the best commercial space award! It can be seen that as a brand in the panel furniture industry, Kefan home, one of the top ten brands in the wardrobe industry, is no inferior to the major brands in the industry with excellent quality and unique design

thank the Sina live broadcast team for their interview. We also sincerely wish Kefan home and the customization industry to make great progress together

more brand live show GAGs are attached:

outside Kefan 4.0 smart factory

live tiantuan 6.0 experience in Kefan home Wanda store thought hall

Kefan home Wanda store thought hall won awards partial display

Kefan home Wanda store thought Hall




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