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The fashionable light luxury house to be introduced today is cleverly used. The collision and collocation of large high-grade gray wall panels, metal elements and lights highlight the strong tension and jointly create a fashionable texture with a full tone, which is eye-catching

this set of fashionable light luxury residence to be introduced today,

cleverly makes use of the

large high-grade gray dado, the collision and collocation of metal elements and lights, highlighting the strong tension,

together create a fashionable texture with a full tone,

is eye-catching

when entering space for the first time,

it gives people a feeling of fashion, art, modernity and light luxury at the first glance

there are few bright colors with high saturation in the whole house,

but the high-grade gray with calm, introverted and elegant,

lays the style tone of the whole space,

all decorative designs are simple but not simple,

reveals the master's good taste from all details

the design of the living room is very simple,

takes up the visual center with a group of high-grade gray sofas,

next to the round tea table with simple and neat shape,

floor lamp and small side table,

creates a warm and fashionable feeling

the dado in the sofa and TV wall area,

the lines are smooth and the tone is calm,

forms a subtle echo relationship,

greatly improves the spatial style

on the other side of the living room, near the corner of the sun,

has been built into a comfortable leisure area

a group of storage shelves with a full sense of design,

a dark blue reclining chair, a small side table,

simple but emphasizes the sense of comfort,

combined with the sunlight makes the space look extraordinary,

suddenly increases its refinement

the restaurant also continues the elegant style in design,

fishbone wood floor, mirror elements,

metal lighting, coupled with the matching of fashionable tables and chairs,

easily creates a sense of sophistication

look closely, the marble table at the bottom of the column,

is mixed with dining chairs in different colors,

a unique chandelier is hung above it,

makes everything look relaxed and comfortable,

but does not damage nobility and elegance

the kitchen area is separated by a glass sliding door,

dark tone integrated cabinet design,

combined with various furniture with dado, marble, light and metal texture,

makes the whole space look light, luxurious and charming,

does not need overly cumbersome details,

shows a strong fashion charm

from door frames, countertops, skirting lines,

to faucets, tableware, seasoning bottles in the console area,

all use some shiny metal elements,

plus light rendering to create a light and luxurious style

the kitchen bar is set in parallel with the operation desk.

in addition to the marble countertops,

dark blue cabinets can also make the space feel noble at once.

high chairs echo with two metal chandeliers,

quietly show the delicacy and magnificence of the space

the master bedroom presents a completely different painting style,

mainly white + pink,

the bedside background wall in the shape of the roof becomes the highlight,

makes the space instantly childish

the wall part is fully utilized,

a slender niche is created with wood color as the bottom,

used to meet the storage needs of books, decorations and so on

a cylindrical bedside table is placed at the head of the bed on the other side,

a bunch of dry flowers full of literary atmosphere are placed on it,

simple and elegant, with a touch of sentiment,

at the same time, it perfectly echoes the bedroom ceiling lamp,

eye-catching and unique in the concise picture

the wall space at the end of the bed is mainly used to create suspended TV cabinets and desks.

not only makes rational use of space,

but also better enhances practicality.

can be described as killing two birds with one stone

the master bathroom chose the combination of marble and pink tiles,

not vulgar but not gorgeous, with simple lines,

well improved the temperament of the space,

looks both advanced and pleasing to the eye

the application of some fashion elements,

is also displayed appropriately in this high-value space

for example, the design of round mirrors, lamp strips,

suspended washstands and lockers,

all give people a pleasant feeling,

form an elegant and exquisite visual effect

the shower area is arranged in a small corner beside the washstand,

separated by atmospheric glass

black elements match with marble walls,

which adds a little coldness to the space in softness

in the wall hung toilet and bathing area,

fashionable and layered wall panels can still be seen

the children's room is white, gray and bright yellow,

creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere

the bedside design is very eye-catching,

like cute finger biscuits, but also like rolling mountains,

the shape is full of childlike fun and aesthetic

a bunch of colorful flowers placed in the middle of the two beds,

makes the space atmosphere more active

the design of the end of the bed is simple but not simple.

not only continues the color matching of the living room,

but also highlights a certain sense of line.

another metal toy basket is placed in the corner,

adds a little interest to the small space

there is no partition between the children's room and the balcony,

so it is cleverly used,

to create a comfortable learning area,

sufficient lighting, quiet and undisturbed atmosphere

the other end adopts an arc niche design,

adds a bookcase for children,

greatly increases the space function,

brings beautiful and practical decoration effect

moreover, it is the public bathroom of this family

although the bathroom is only an inconspicuous small space,

it hides the master's exquisite life taste everywhere

dark blue walls complement black marble,

supplemented by metal lighting to highlight the atmosphere

the strong contrast between deep and shallow, cold and warm,

under the concise appearance,

renders a strong visual tension,

is like a gorgeous Aurora across the night sky,

has an eye-catching personality and is so beautiful that people can't move their eyes





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