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90 square meters, 3 rooms and 1 hall. I don't know how to decorate it? Choose the style, set the tone, choose furniture and household appliances, and discuss the matching method. It's not distressing. Every owner who wants to decorate will experience this. If you are still struggling, the home decoration editor will share a group of 90 square meters of 3 bedrooms and 1 hall decoration renderings today to see what a simple, romantic and beautiful home is like

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decoration owner's community: dingxiu International Mansion decoration area: 90 square meters decoration house type: 3 rooms and 1 hall decoration company: participating in decoration bidding recommendation company (decoration bidding) decoration style: simple style decoration cost: 70000 (all inclusive)

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the log furniture in the living room is slightly old, and the light blue wall makeup tone can just dilute the old breath, And it can enhance the overall sense of fashion. The storage desk is simple, but the area is not small. It is more than enough to place some family photos, or vases and potted plants

the design of the restaurant is very simple. The warm yellow dining chair is very simple. Only a few spotlights are needed to illuminate the light of the restaurant, which is not only energy-saving but also environmental friendly

the atmosphere of the second bedroom is very quiet. The big bed with simple shape is a feature, providing a comfortable sleeping environment. Broken grain wall makeup with white furniture tone makes the atmosphere very warm and beautiful

the design highlight of the master bedroom is the expansion of the area, making full use of the balcony, increasing the space of the originally narrow and square room, and the light is also much brighter

the log cabinet in the kitchen is eye-catching and high-quality. Coupled with the flawless white marble kitchen table, it has a strong modern flavor. Both the storage area of the kitchen table and the location of the window can provide convenience for life, which is the perfect interpretation of economy and practicality

simple decoration can also be very romantic. Returning to such a home after a busy day will definitely fade your fatigue. If you also like such simple decoration, come to a reliable decoration company as soon as possible





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